Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Ball Popper

One of Nathan's favorite gifts from Christmas.

Back In Time...Christmas morning Santa Came!

Here is a video of the kids on Christmas morning just after they discovered Santa had come!

The tree on Christmas Eve

Here are a bunch of photos from Christmas morning....

Nathan and the hat

I have neglected my blogging for quite some time and, although I still enjoy reading everyone else's fairly often, I felt the need to update ours as well. Having said this, be prepared for multiple posts. HA!HA!
First up is Nathan. He is so cute as all children are at his age. Discovering new things and having their own quirky characteristics. One of Nathan's is that he loves to put everything on his head. In this particular video it is Daddy's hat which does indeed go on a head. However, it does not need to be something that belongs there, just anything in general from receiving blankets to the kids underwear (when he is helping mommy fold laundry) to toys. He did eventually get the hat on properly but I missed it in the video. He was about 14 months old at this point.

Another one of his favorite things is drawing. Not sure which hand is dominant yet as Daddy keeps switching it to his right but I know he does like to use his left. Here is a photo of all three kids using their creative talents.

Alex's creativity led him to adorn our dining room walls like an exhibit at an art gallery of his Pokemon drawings. Below are only a small sampling of the artwork created. HA!HA!