Monday, November 17, 2008

The Santa Claus Parade

Last Saturday, the 15th of November we went to the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Winnipeg. Being in a city of 750,000 didn't know what to expect for crowds or how early we would have to go in order to be able to see so my friend Allison(from home) and I scoped out the parade route on the Tursday before. We figured out where to park, what time to go, how we would get there with the detours etc. It was quite hilarious actually.

The parade started at 5:15pm and we decided to go to the end of the route and wait there. We arrived about 3:45pm with the kids all bundled up and their camping chairs in tow. We got a great seat and had made sure we took lots of food to keep them occupied. We even went so far as to take hot pizza wrapped individually for each of them. We seriously looked like we were moving in with our 2 families of 5. The parade was so amazing. Kristin sat on my lap and just kept saying...."This is the best parade ever!" over and over again. HA!HA!

The gingerbread train float.

This one looked just like Cinderella and Kristin was quite impressed!

Nathan and Sam all bundled up

SANTA!!!!! His Float was quite something. It was so high they had to let him take a detour from the other floats as it wouldn't fit under the overpass.

Kristin watching for Santa

Here he comes

Ben, Alex and Aidan trying to stay warm

Nathan and Daddy

Mommy and stylin I know but I was warm and that's what matters. HA!HA!

Nathan when we first arrived....out for the count.

This is what it looked like when we first got there. Pretty deserted but it filled up quickly. It was a great day and we'll look forward to it again next year only we have already got the plan in place! YEAH!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nathan's First Haircut

Richard has been hinting for some time that Nathan was due for a hair cut and I was able to hold him off with "He isn't even a year old yet" but alas the time had come. It was getting to the point that when he wore a hat he had some serious hat hair which was quite funny.
So we decided the high chair was the best place to start and then we finished it on Daddy's lap. Nathan was not very impressed with the whole process but we started just after supper so he had been in the seat already for a while.

Step one - wet the hair! HA!HA!
Step 2 - the cape and scissors

Step 3 - Say bye bye to the hair

Step 4 - My little baby transformed into our handsome little man. Even with the frown! HA!HA!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Think inside the box

My little man is too cute! Richard set Nathan in this tiny little box and he started doing all kinds of funny things. Thought I would share as he is such a cutie!

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow (Think White Christmas)

Well I knew it was inevitable but I was really hoping that it would hold off a little longer. When we got up on Friday morning it was a winter wonderland. The kids of course thought it was great and took to the outdoors right after breakfast. Alex stayed out until it was time for school which is saying something! HA!HA! I took a few pictures of our birdfeeder in the backyard. It was such a beautiful sight and we have a big picture window in our dining room that we can watch them which is great. I have heard the snow can last from now on until the spring which is going to be a long winter! The up side is that everyone is starting to turn on their Christmas lights and anyone who knows me, knows it is my favorite time of the year so I am loving that. Wishing everyone wonderful weather!!

We are a hit!

Up close and personal. Richard was trying to take a picture of the one on the ground but them with the delay in digital he captured the other one landing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Video of Halloween

A short clip of Alex and Kristin starting out on our trick or treating journey.

Happy Halloween!

Well Halloween 2008 was a lot of fun. It was our first in Winnipeg and we weren't sure what to expect especially for weather but it appeared as though we brought NS weather with us or custom ordered it for the evening as it was moderately warm and quite enjoyable.

Nathan was dressed as Tigger and stayed home with daddy to pass out treats. Kristin was a Fairy Princess riding a Unicorn and Alex was Batman. This is the first time we were in a subdivision with so many houses so they brought home quite a haul and we didn't even do the whole street. We went up one side and back the other side stopping at our house. Kristin decided she was done and Alex had made a new friend from the street so he came in, dumped his bag and went out again. It was a great night.

"Trick or Treat."

Coming up to the door.

Nathan, Kristin and Alex sitting on our front steps. Nathan was more interested in the hanging ghost than the camera. Ha!Ha!

Halloween Carnival Oct 30th

It seems like these days Halloween goes on for a whole week instead of just one night! HA!HA! First Kristin wore part of her costume for dance class on Tuesday morning. Then we went to a Halloween carnival on Thursday night at the church. (pictures to follow) Then came Friday...... Kristin attends a preschool story time at one of the local libraries on Friday morning and they wore their costumes there, Alex had a Halloween party at school so he took his costume as well and then the ACTUAL Halloween night on Friday night. They thought it was great!!!

Here is Nathan playing with Sam (My friend Allison's youngest son)

Kristin passing in one of her ticekts to play the water gun game. They had a styrofoam block with golf tees stuck in it and ping pong balls on each. They gave the kids a spray bottle and they had to know the balls off the tees. Kristin was very acurate but she was also VERY close. HA!HA!

My Green goblin cupcakes. They were a hit as I made 4 dozen and they were gone!

Kristin up front, Alex (aka Batman) behind her and then their friends Ben and Aidan.