Monday, June 8, 2009

The Winnipeg Opera presents Madama Butterfly

What a magical night. One of the women in my ward at church invited me to go to the Opera with her. I have never been before and I promised myself that while I was in Winnipeg I would experience as many cultural things as possible so it was another check mark on my list. It was amazing! I was thankful for the english subtitles as it helped me so much to understand the characters better as my italian is a little rusty. HA!HA! Our seats were great and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


At the beginning of May we had some really nice weather where it would go up to 18 or 20 degrees. Only lasted maybe a week and since has been rotten weather and COLD but we enjoyed it while it lasted. Here is Nathan enjoying his very first popsicle. He was sitting on some landscaping tiles in the back yard having a grand time and he thought that was great. He is getting so big so fast I wish I could freeze time.


We have a Disney children's yahtzee game and we were all playing it together. Nathan was sooooooooo excited about rolling the dice that he hogged them the whole time and we ended up letting him roll for most of us. Then after the game was over I let him go to town with the dice. He thought it was too fun and watching him was a riot!

Richard's Birthday

Well I am going to throw some random posts at you as they become available. HA!HA! Our computer was in need of some TLC and now we are back up and running so let the posting begin!

Richard opening his big surprise present ( it is always very difficult to get him something he likes but doesn't know about in advance!)

Rich and the kids with his annual Black Forest Cake.
Rich and his new firepit. Plan was that we like to have bonfinres and now even though we have to live in the city we can still enjoy the outdoors in our little backyard.
The kids of course thought this was great!!

Nathan got in on the eating marshmallows but not roasting them.
Kristin loves smores...

But not as much as Alex! HA!HA!
Fine line between enjoying the marshmallows and dealing with the sticky mess it creates. Nathan was having no enjoyment of the mess! TUB TIME!