Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alex and Chewy - Best Buds

This is Chewy Kinner.
Alex's favorite Christmas present and the only thing he asked Santa for this year.

Alex really loves him and it has been fun to watch the kids interact with their 1st pets.

Dining Room "Before" Curtains

Just found this picture we had taken of the curtains that were in the Dining Room before.  Gives you a bit better idea how dated everything was and it had original paint throughout the house - 22 years old and all the same color. 

Dining Room After Photos

So I finally got to taking after photos of the Dining Room but I realize they are taken from the Front room instead of the entryway to the kitchen like the before shots but you still get the main idea. LOL

Monday, January 24, 2011

Card Giveaway

Hello everyone,

My friends, Karen and Kathy, have a great card making blog and are doing an awesome giveaway that you should check out.



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dining Room Before.....

OK so not completely before as we put in a new chandelier, new curtains and rod, and bought a new table.  We still need new chairs to match but are loving having more space at the table.

Christmas at the Kinners!

Kristin had a lot of fun wrapping random things around the house and putting messages on them.  She is still spelling phonetically so I thought it would be something neat to look back on.

The stockings were hung....

Goldie Kinner (the hamster) has his owner captivated on Christmas morning. 

Chewy Kinner (also a hamster) had Master Alex grinning from ear to ear.

Nathan is loving that he can finally open the presents. LOL

My handsome hubby!

My princess with the toothless grin.

Nathan wanted to pu on his sweater right away from Aunt Sandra, Uncle Matt and cousins Camryn and Carter.

Alex's only actual request for Christmas (except the Hamster from Santa), a Pokemon Wii Game.

Kristin loved getting a new doll.

Something to build.  The days of Lego Christmas' have passed and now we are on to Knex.

Kristin enjoying her little brother's new rocking horse with her doll of course!

Did I mention he LOVED opening the presents. LOL

A little bling for the princess in the form of some awesome new slippers.

Nathan's all time favorite thing....Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Chewy on a roll.

Finally some color in my life!

My new TV room after we painted.  Finally have an accent wall and it makes the room feel so much warmer.  I really like the way the fireplace becomes the central focus.

The TV Room before....

So it has taken us a little over 2 years to finally paint.  I like to at least live in my house the way I like it for a year or so before I have to sell it. LOL

Richard was already well on his way to painting when I asked if he had taken any before pictures so things are a little out of sorts here.  
View from the kitchen

Deck doors on the West wall to the Fireplace

Wall to the east of the fireplace