Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To my mom...

I believe that as a parent you truly start to appreciate your own parents!  This post goes out to my mom who keeps me sane when life gets a little crazy and sets me straight when I need it.  Listens, empathizes, encourages, shares, loves.  When I look back at all she has done for me I sometimes wonder how she did it all.  Thanks mom for all the sacrifices and the continuing love and support.

Nana's visit in Oct 2009 (before her makeover with my hairstylist)
Just a day or two later after she met with Kathy my awesome hairstylist.

 Returning home to NS today looking great!

These few I added of my brother Aaron (better know to mom and I as AJ) from his visit here.

He managed to make Alex these great bubble wands from coat hangers so they could make BIG bubbles.  It was a huge hit!

 Nathan hanging out with Uncle Aaron.  They were so cute together and Aaron was a big hit with Nathan becuase he would play cars with him.  Still his favorite passtime. LOL