Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alberta Summer Fun

Well I am back from the long lost bloggers. HA!HA! I don't know how everyone has time to do this on a regular basis but I love keeping up to date with everyone.

We just returned from spending 2 weeks at Richard's parents place in Watervalley, AB. It was such a wonderful time for all of us. We decided to drive which had its moments but overall went really well. I am including some pictures of the trip and hopefully will do a little better at keeping up.

All the cousins....Alex, Kristin and Nathan with Camryn and Carter (Richard's sister Sandra's little ones)

Going for a ride on the Quad with Opa. We had a major wind storm and some trees came down on the fencing so they were in repair mode.

We planned our trip so late in the summer so that we would have a chance to meet some of Richards relatives that were visiting from Germany. We had a great visit with Opa's cousins and enjoyed learning more German. Even Nathan got in on the action pronouncing some words better than the grown ups. HA!HA!

Nathan enjoying our ride home in the van. The trip was over 15 hours of just driving which in a 5 point harness car seat is not the most fun not that you would know it from this picture.

Here are the 2 other munchkins in the back. They were in their glory as thay had a portable DVD player and movies the whole way.